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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Great Conundrum of Not Having a Hook for a Hand...

Captain Hook is missing a hook

Zed has cultivated a deep and passionate love affair with Peter Pan these days...I mean deep.  She's very likely watched the movie twenty-five times, and it's become a bit of an every day thing to cross swords and climb on top of the furniture.  I, of course, am Hook, while Zed gets all the glory and happily flutes around the house as either Tinker Bell , or not surprisingly, Peter Pan.  I need to know my lines or I risk annoying our little production's Casting Director.  She takes this Pan stuff very seriously...very seriously indeed.  So seriously, that we need an actual I made one.

Yup, that's a Tim Horton's cup painted black.

I'm a downright creative bugger, aren't I?  I like to think so.  Now...back into the fray...Pan is waiting.  Apparently the brat has a taste for cold steel...or soft foam, as my sword is woefully forged from.  Whatever, does the trick...after all, I've got a damn Tim Hortons cup on the other hand.  How dangerous can possibly be?


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