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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eighteen Was a Long Time Ago

This is what I understand now as a man who isn't eighteen anymore...

There are some people who were, and just have always been, oh-so kind, and oh-so thoughtful, that you wonder how it is that they have never become a major part of your life.  There's no answer to that question, but there's also no reason why they can't be once you realize what you've been missing.

I spend most of my time with lost boys, and girls, but mostly boys, who haven't got the faintest idea of what it takes to be a man.  I can tell you with certainty that society isn't going to show them how to be one, and I'd bet eight times out of ten that no one they know will do it.  Someone has to.  Why can't it be you?  It can, so why isn't it?

You should have a bigger history of women you should have kissed than ones that you did.  That's the truth, and the women that you should have kissed, well, everyone can always wonder, and how fun is that?

You know what really matters in the end...not being cool, or being exciting...well, maybe a little...but being kind...being yourself, and having that alone be good enough...that's what really matters.  People want to know who you are, and be able to anchor themselves to that.  You'd better be kind.

You're very likely not that far off from being the kind of person that you always wanted to be.  The trick is just allowing yourself the fallibility, the openness, and the honesty...the uncool be yourself and not someone else.  It's no good to achieve anything wearing a mask that no one recognizes.

Love people...boldly, and unapologetically.  The list of people I absolutely love, that I have a hard time explaining what I feel for them, is long.  You're not doing anyone any favors, especially yourself, keeping all of that beautiful emotion to yourself.

You're always going to have should haves...and you're not always going to be able to do anything about them.

Don't try looking for men to look up to, just live the kind of life that you think is what makes those kind of men who they are.

Be genuine.

Get excited.

Treat people right.

Know that sometimes you only get one chance to do something, so do it in a way that you can live with.

Whether it's being a Dad, or a husband, or a friend...don't be like everyone else.

Don't be afraid to love things.

No one likes excuses, and even fewer people buy them.

Old friends are almost always, always the best ones.

Grow up, but not too much.


Blogger Beth said...

Well said.

And you know I was thinking about the idea of two blogs and I want to ask why? Just because the title is the Zoey Blog doesn't mean you can write whatever you want. And the more open and honest you are about who you are, what you think and what you want to write about (which you always are) the more Zoey and the new little will love reading this. They will know you. The Real you. Not just the you that wrote about them.

Just my 2 cents. For what it's worth.

August 8, 2012 at 2:26 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Ahhh, I just re-read my comment and I meant to say "doesn't mean you CAN'T write whatever you want". That makes a difference eh?

August 8, 2012 at 7:57 PM  

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