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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Do You Remember Doing This...

34 weeks...6 to go

Sometimes we forget just how exciting all of this almost-baby stuff is.  Do you remember this stage...the almost there, no idea what you're getting into, sometimes still can't believe it, now this sh!# is getting real stage?  We're two weeks away from becoming four after being three for what seems like forever, after being just two for what felt like an entire lifetime, and so far away from being just one, separately, that you forget who you even were back then.  We're no better at this than the first's room not even started, let alone finished... don't have the first idea what to do if the baby comes in the middle of the we even have diapers?  We're equal parts excited and still in denial that we'll no longer have free time or a spare room.

June's the champ of this stuff...unaffected, confident, calm, beautiful looking.  I'm a physical wreck, falling apart slowly this Spring and Summer in a completely non-baby related way...but excited that our home is about to be consumed by that familiar kind of inexhaustible love that only a baby leaves lingering in the air.  The idea that there might be another person to love as much as June and Zoey is almost overwhelming.  I'm such a sorry sack of emotion half the time now.  It's no way intimidating or worrisome.

June's belly is about to burst.  It's tighter than a Matt Cameron drum, and the rolling and bulging never stops.  I touch it for luck.  I talk to it.  I hug it and kiss it and tell it's occupant to hurry up and make our lives incredible.  I hope she's listening.


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