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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Best Kind of Baby Practice...

Rhys Serree and Mike visit - Aug 2012

Zed has an inexplicable affection for our friend, Serree. I think the sweet adoration is mutual though, and Zed may just feed off of all that energy. They don't see one another much, a few times a year, but Zed's a big fan, and ice versa. These days Serree is a Mom...mother of a ridiculously smiley three and a half month old boy named Rhys. Zo seems fairly smitten with him too. Today Zo got a chance to practice up for the impending arrival of her little sister when Serree and her family dropped by to visit. It was an easy afternoon of obvious affections. I can think of worse ways to waste away a hot Sunday.

  Serree, Rhys, and Zed

Zo was sweet and eager to help and touch and play. She asked about a billion questions every half-second, and of course, laid a lot of random hugs on her good friend Serree. It's funny how different your sweet gauge becomes once you dive into this parent deal. It kind of makes you swoon watching your child connect so genuinely with someone whom you love as well. It reassures you that perhaps taste is genetic.


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